Reality Sets for green screen amd chroma key video production. Beyond virtual sets reality sets put your talent on locatioin with a single mouse click. Also great for stock footage usage.
Reality sets for video production professionals that put your talent anywhere you want them to be!



Reality Set Frequently Asked Questions.

What format are the reality sets in?
All reality sets are in NTSC (720 x 480) format. The video clips are formatted using a proprietary format with minimal compression to retain the highest quality.  The Stills used in the virtual sets and for set extenders are exported directly from the source footage. Depending on your system you may need to de-interlace the stills in a graphics editing program like photoshop.

Are the reality sets compatible with my Serious Magic's Ultra2 vector keying program?
Yes. All sets are are easily imported into ultra and output the same as any other ultra clip. Again, depending on your system setting the source clip properties to lower field, upper field, or progressive may yield significant improvements in your final output. Using Ultra 2 to output a 32 bit alpha for a given view on a given set can result in some interesting uses also.

What about my NLE? Do Reality Sets work with Premiere and After Effects?
Yes. If your NLE supports NTSC digital video then it supports the use of reality sets.

Are reality sets available in PAL format?
Currently reality sets are available only in NTSC format. Because reality sets are a collection of video and still images you can convert the sets to PAL format. If you choose to do so you should be familiar with the conversion process and its technical aspects. A conversion tool such as Virtual Dub is recommended.

Can I use reality sets directly from the DVD?
You could but it is not recommended. This is due to the limited performance of optical based drives. Even the fastest optical drive would slow the process of keying to a crawl when compared to disk based editing.  The best performance would be realized by copying the desired files to a dedicated folder on your hard drive.


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This  12 Disk  DVD Set. Includes:
36 Stunning Real World Sets
244 video clips totaling over 3 hours.
329 Stills unlock unlimited possibilities.
PLUS: Alpha Channels and our patent pending "set extenders"


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