Reality Sets for green screen amd chroma key video production. Beyond virtual sets reality sets put your talent on locatioin with a single mouse click. Also great for stock footage usage.
Reality sets for video production professionals that put your talent anywhere you want them to be!


Reality Set Technical Notes

Reality Sets. Much more than a stock footage library!

Reality sets are custom sets for green screen, blue screen  and chromakey video production. Imagine the following: You have set up your green screen, got your lighting set, shot your footage, got a good key on your edit system and now what? Now it's time for the magic. If you are serious about your video editing and want to take your video productions to the next level, then Reality Sets are the answer! Simply import your footage, set your key & choose where you want your talent to be. It's as simple as that.

Reality sets are shot on state of the art 3 Chip Digital cameras. The sets are filmed with every consideration in mind for you to create the highest quality, believable  location productions possible. The motion shots are all fixed camera, dolly, or crane based to ensure smooth motion that is a great addition to the reality sets look.

All of the sets in the reality set collection feature multiple camera angles and focal lengths. This means that you can use and reuse the sets for one production or many different productions. By combining full motion footage with carefully selected still images Reality Sets provide for maximum flexibility. Plus you can use any given green screen shot on any reality set & the same reality set can be used for a close up or a wide shot depending on your production needs making reality sets a truly versatile professional video editing component.

Want your talent in front of a nice outdoor fountain? On the golf course? At the beach? In a restaurant? On stage? Reality sets put your talent where you otherwise couldn't without huge expense, travel, a full production crew, and more. We have done all the work so you can look like a hero for any client any time.

All reality sets are filmed by an experienced production crew with years of experience doing location shooting and chromakey work. We shoot at the optimal time for each location taking into account the weather, crowds, position of the sun, and more. We also use every tool at our disposal which includes density filtering, UV adjustments, polarization balancing, haze reduction and more. Each scene is scouted before shooting to ensure the quality of the finished product.



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This  12 Disk  DVD Set. Includes:
36 Stunning Real World Sets
244 video clips totaling over 3 hours.
329 Stills unlock unlimited possibilities.
PLUS: Alpha Channels and our patent pending "set extenders"


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