Reality Sets for green screen amd chroma key video production. Beyond virtual sets reality sets put your talent on locatioin with a single mouse click. Also great for stock footage usage.
Reality sets for video production professionals that put your talent
anywhere you want them to be!



Advantages of using Reality Sets.

One of the biggest advantages of using reality sets is the ability to shoot on location without the huge expenses associated with a location shoot. Between travel and transportation, a crew, lighting, shading, and all the production equipment shooting at a remote location can be very costly. The cost of a single location shoot would typically be more than triple the cost of a single reality set volume.

Beyond stock footage...
Stock footage can be a great thing when you need it but doesn't provide what is needed to a truly credible green screen set. Not only that but most stock footage available for purchase by video producers is VERY costly, often times hundreds of dollars for just a few seconds of footage. For less money than some stock footage houses will sell you a 30 second clip you can own an entire library of Reality Sets.

What if you had a production that needed a location that was simply prohibitive for reasons of either money, distance time, or other production restrictions? No problem. Is your production facility located in a remote locale or a restrictive distance from attractive locations? No problem. Ever wanted to shoot at an outdoor location and had the weather delay your plans? No problem. With your reality sets library at hand the weather is always perfect!

Getting access to shooting locations can sometimes be a challenge in and of itself. A great example of this is our Private Jets Reality Set. Getting into a hanger or on the tarmac with full access to the millions of dollars worth of jet aircraft requires money as well as a trusting relationship with the airport and the jet operator. Add bringing cameras, a crew and other attention getting gear to the equation and the idea of getting the shots you want becomes even more challenging. Reality sets get your talent where you want them to be without issues of security or travel. The Reality Sets team knows that not everyone has the ability to get to a place like the ocean without major time commitments. All of our sets are shot with the idea of making it convenient for ALL producers to put their talent where they want them to be.

Your library of reality sets gives you diverse capabilities when you are producing. With a wide variety of  sets and camera angles you can let your creativity run free and produce fresh content. Reality Sets allow you to go from a fountain to a golf course to a beautiful marina, inside a 6.5 million dollar jet, or the beach all with just a few clicks of the mouse. In addition to that many of the Reality Sets make useful settings for metaphors that are beyond compare. Add to that the wide range of uses that include using Reality Sets for title segments, introduction and exit shots, insets, and much more and you have big scale diversity on a small scale budget.

When you show your clients that you can put them in a remote location simply by shooting in your green screen studio your credibility is elevated. When you suggest that you can put them in a race track environment for a corporate training segment about team building, finishing first or beating the competition you show that your studio is truly on the cutting edge of technology. Reality Sets also convey that you have invested in production tools that are designed exclusively to make your client look their best. End result? The client is impressed and your credibility is elevated.. Using your reality sets in promo videos for your own promotion is also a great way to increase credibility.

One of a kind...
By now you no doubt are beginning to understand the many ways that Reality Sets are a unique and useful addition to your production toolkit. No other production tools allow you to do what Reality Sets do so easily. Stock footage libraries lack the runtime, camera angles, and diversity.  Click the link below and order your reality set library today.




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