Reality Sets for green screen & chroma key video production. Beyond virtual sets reality sets put your talent on locatioin with a single mouse click. Also great for stock footage usage.


What's in this collection? 
For this newest Reality Set library release we spared no expense to bring you the our most dramatic and impressive set collection yet.

Imagine having access (anytime you desire) to some of the most expensive private properties money can buy and you will begin to  have a sense of what Reality Sets Volume III brings you.

Featuring Multi-Million dollar marble floors & and mosaic ceilings, fine art, genuine Roman statuary, Egyptian stone walls, Venetian columns, hand sculpted archways & crown molding, 24' ceilings and magnificent gardens, Reality Sets Vol, III  will elevate all of your your productions to a level that could only be matched by the major studios.


Click on the image above play the Vol III  video.


With over 170 individual camera views this Reality Sets library is big. Browse the private bowling lanes (built from 400 year old timbers taken from a wooden bridge in the pacific northwest), the immaculate palm court or  tiered fountain swimming pool, stone corridors, the private lake, or  cobblestone bridge and the private 16 seat movie theatre with suede walls and you have barely tasted the icing of this impressive library of unique sets.

What's New in Reality Sets Volume III?

The biggest change you will find in Volume III is the addition of the included alpha channels. Our production staff has painstakingly "painted out" key elements from numerous sets in the Volume III library. Then these elements were used to create mattes that overlay the source footage and the keyed in talent. The result? A dramatic breakthrough which increases the credibility of your finished production by creating a highly believable illusion of depth that has previously been obvious by its absence. This increased sense of depth creates the magic element necessary to believably  create the appearance  that your talent is truly "on set" and moving about in a three dimensional space. No longer is the talent simply placed "on top" of the scene. With the release of Reality Sets Volume III the talent now becomes integrated into the scene is a way that looks so genuine even experienced video professionals are sold by the effect.  See for yourself...
                                                         Play The Reality Sets Volume  3 Demo Video.


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This  12 Disk  DVD Set. Includes:
36 Stunning Real World Sets
244 video clips totaling over 3 hours.
329 Stills unlock unlimited possibilities.
PLUS: Alpha Channels and our patent pending "set extenders"


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