Reality Sets for green screen & chroma key video production. Beyond virtual sets reality sets put your talent on locatioin with a single mouse click. Also great for stock footage usage.


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Harbor Set
Set in a quaint harbor with a village background that includes and old world lighthouse this set puts your talent in a beautiful setting that includes a variety of focal lengths and camera angles.


Order Reality Sets Vols. I II & III

This  12 Disk  DVD Set. Includes:
36 Stunning Real World Sets
244 video clips totaling over 3 hours.
329 Stills unlock unlimited possibilities.
PLUS: Alpha Channels and our patent pending "set extenders"


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    Volume I   Volume II   Volume III  
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    Courtyard Day Set   Jet Interior Set   Palm Court Set  
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    Fountain Set   Golf Set   Fireplace Set  
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Spa Set

    Media Room Set   Sunset Fountain Set   Private Theater Set  
    Additional  Bonus set    Additional  Bonus set    Family Bar Set  
            Bed & Bath Set  
            Entry Set  

Waterfall Set