Reality Sets for green screen amd chroma key video production. Beyond virtual sets reality sets put your talent on locatioin with a single mouse click. Also great for stock footage usage.


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Looking for virtual sets? Get Real!
eyond Virtual Sets for chromakey and greenscreen shooting - Reality Sets take your green screen video production projects to a whole new level. Forget the cartoon look of standard virtual sets, put your talent on location! Film your green screen video production segments and drop the Reality Set of your choice into the background and your talent is in the location of your choice!  Video productions using normal computer created virtual sets can't compare. Fully compatible with all NLE systems. Great for Serious Magic's Ultra!  Take your productions to the next level - Get Real - Get Reality Sets!


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Reality Sets News -  New product line released! 
The Establishing Shots Video Library!


Now Available:
The Establishing Shots Video Library!
Establishing Shots Vol. 1 Only $129.99 
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